Katie Price wants her husband to find love again


The TV star Katie Price is happy to see her estranged husband moving on with his life and has no problem if he decides to turn his blossoming friendship with British glamour model Chantelle Houghton into a romance. Katie – who raises three children with the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer – said: “I’ve been told by more than one person that Chantelle Houghton has been seen going into Pete’s house on more than one occasion. It seems like her and Pete could be in a relationship and if they are I’m happy for them – I think she’s a good-looking girl, she seems nice and I hope they’re happy, just as long as he’s with someone who is nice to our kids. Good luck to them.”

Katie, also known as Jordan – is desperate to give her version of events about the split as she is tired of being painted as the villain of the break-up.

The 31-year-old star said: “It’s about time I put my side across about all the unfair things that have been publicly said about me. It’s not fair – I’m due some respect. I’m the one who was dumped. I’m not a mess – far from it – I’m the happiest I’ve been in ages. Pete is not as innocent as he’s making out; people will be shocked when they know the truth.”

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