Angel Bae Seul-Gi collapses after performance on stage

Another angel of Korean celebrity : Bae Seu Ki; news came late that this pop singer and actress had collapsed from overwork and was sent to the hospital after one of her recent performances.

She was performing on the programme at an air force academy in ChungCheongBook Do, and after the performance she had collapsed and was send to the hospital. Her company said on the 10th, “She had got fatigue from the heavy schedule she was following recently. She had recovered after some rest and she was back in school today again.”

In this recession, when millions dont have work, this girl collapsed due to over work ???? . Anyway, let's check out her song "Tiresome". Bae Seul Gi released a minihalbum after 1 year and 6 months last April and has been promoting this song on various programmes off her minialbum. Since I dont udnerstand Korean, I just listen to the rhythm, but sound like BOA

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