Sunshine Rodriguez - Sexy Filipina Top Model

Name : Sunshine Rodriguez
Date of Birth : November 14, 1985
Place of Birth : Cavite, Philippines
Location : Atlanta, Georgia
Zodiac : Scorpio
Hair : Black, Blonde
Eyes : Brown
Height : 5′5″
Weight : 165 lbs.
Measurements : 34D-24-34
Website :
Turn Ons : Guys with big dreams and positive outlook in life
Turn Offs : Body odor and a cocky attitude

Hobbies: Online, reading books, sewing, partying, and shopping!

Photographer Credits:

Midwest Ethnic Models, Harvey Butts, CWC Images, Stewart Smith Photography, Chris Carlo, Troy Belle, Manus Photography, MustSeeStudios, Exclusive Media

Hi everyone my name is Sunshine Rodriguez, and yes that is my real name! I was born and raised in a small town called Cavite in the Philippines.

Growing up without a mom and a dad was pretty sad cause I had to I live with my cousins with their loving parents. Jealous? ya. But I still love them for taking good care of me.

Honestly, I used to be a brat, well maybe I still am haha jk. I’ve always been true to people regardless of who they are, and I adore making new friends. More friends the merrier!

But from experience, I know who my REAL friends are. I have a passion to achieve my every goal in life and to always be on top of things.

Ironically, I’m a BIG time procrastinator. BLah =0 I am a crazy girl with big ambitions and the kind of girl you can bring to your mom.

I thank god and my parents everyday for all the blessings and great things they have brought to me ever since I came here.

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