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Natsume Sano (佐野夏芽 ,Sano Natsume?, born February 14, 1985) is a Japanese gravure idol, and a female talent. She is from Tokyo, belongs to the show-business production 'Metal Box'. Her nickname is 'Burin' (means a piggie), derives from her hobby collecting pig goods. She is deeply interested in Feng shui.

Name : Natsume Sano
Nickname : Burin
Date of Birth : 14 February 1985[1]
Place of Birth : Tokyo, Japan
Height : 155 cm (5 feet and 1.0 inch)
Measurements : B86 W58 H84 cm (B33.9 W22.8 H33.1 inches)
Talent Agency : Metal Box
Profession : Actress and 'gravure idol' (Japanese term: swimsuit/bikini model)

TV Programs :
NANDA!? (TV Asahi)
着信 -Live television- (TV Tokyo)
三竹占い (TV Asahi)
ランク王国SP (TBS)
あきと由佳のIdol Park 2時間SP (CSエンタ371)
パオパオ アソビ★クリエイターズ (BS Nippon)
ドスペ2「恋のエプロン 新人タレント料理下克上バトル」 (TV Asahi)
白黒アンジャッシュ (Chiba Television)
Xenos (TV Tokyo)

Radio Program(s) :
nemu RING RING (September 9, 2005; J-WAVE)

Sunday :
すくらんぶる・ハーツ (2004)
殺人峰 キラー・ビー (2005)
まいっちんぐマチコ!ビギンズ (2005)

Videos & DVDs :
Sexy GRAND PRIX, 2004 Mare
Dream Girl, 2004 G.O.T.
Pure Smile, 2004 Takeshobo
Peace!, 2005 Co., Ltd.
白黒アンジャッシュ, 2005 Pony Canyon Inc.
* なつめかん, 2005 Gakken / Sony Music Distribution Inc.
* まいっちんぐマチコ!ビギンズ, 2005 King Records
* 夏芽のアルバイト, 2005 Co., Ltd.
* D-Splash! 佐野夏芽, 2006 King Records
* ナツメイロ, 2006 VAP
* パイなつプルン, 2006 JHV

Natsume Sano Japanese girl idol

Natsume Sano Natsume Sano Natsume Sano Natsume Sano
Natsume Sano Natsume Sano Natsume Sano Natsume Sano

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