Morakot Kittisara - Miss Thailand Universe and Thai sexy model

Aimee - Morakot Kittisara was the winner of the Miss Thailand Universe pageant 2004. As Miss Thailand Universe she was of course required to be proper and polite in all her public appearances. She went on to do some movies and appeared a few times on Thai television. She was always attractive but sexy? Not really, at least not in my opinion. But strangely she was voted number 29 sexiest woman in the world 2006 by FHM Thai edition readers in their 100 Sexiest Women contest. The truth is I skipped her when I was doing the countdown. That's why she doesn't appear on that page with my other favorites from the top 100. The photo they had for her looked like one from the pageant and sexy it was not. But now Aimee is all grown up, or shall I say, out from under the pressures of being Miss Thailand Universe. She is now doing rather racy photo shoots for the likes of FHM Thai edition. And she is looking pretty hot for the first time that I have noticed.

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