Miss Vietnamese Mai Phuong Thuy


In this Vietnamese name, the family name is Mai. According to Vietnamese custom, this person should properly be referred to by the given name Thúy.

Mai Phương Thúy (August 6, 1988) was crowned the 10th Miss Vietnam at the Vinpearl Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam on August 26, 2006. At 1.79m, she is the tallest Miss Vietnam up until now. She represented Vietnam at the Miss World 2006 pageant in Warsaw, Poland on September 30th, in the Asia-Pacific group. She made the top 17 by winning the viewers' votes around the world.

She supports numerous social causes, notably the Vietnamese traffic problem. She is the goodwill ambassador for the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation. She studied at Phan Dinh Phung high school and was accepted into the Foreign Trade University and RMIT International University, Vietnam. Mai Phuong Thuy is studying at RMIT Vietnam at the moment. She would have been crowned Miss Vietnam 2008 on August, 2008, in Hoi An, Quang Nam, but she left the Miss Vietnam 2008 contest on August 23rd, 2008, supposedly due to conflicts with the organizing board.

Mai Phương Thúy được đánh giá là một trong số những Hoa hậu Việt Nam giữ được hình ảnh đẹp của mình. Ảnh: Nhân vật cung cấp.

Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy competed to Miss World 2006 in Poland as Miss Vietnam. She beat lots of delegates from others Asian countries to make the top 17 due to the highest online vote in her Asia-Pacific zone. Miss Czech Republic won the crown In 2006, Miss Vietnam 2006 had been voted by Globalbeauties.com entered top 50 Grand Slam

tamtay.vn - photo - Mai phuong thuy

tamtay.vn - photo - Mai Phương Thuý

tamtay.vn - photo - Mai Phương Thuý

tamtay.vn - photo - Mai Phương Thuý

tamtay.vn - photo - mai phuong thuy





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