Lee Hee Jin Baby V.O.X.

Full Name : Lee Heejin
Nickname: "ChamSae"(Sparrow")
Birthday : February 21, 1980
School Career : DongAh Broadcasting College
Family : Lastborn; parents, older brother
Hobbies : Watching movies or video tapes
Instrument : Guitar
What she likes most about herself: Mole on her nose
Color : Green
Speciality : Impressions
Favorite foods: All kinds of food except healthy foods!
Address : Seoul
Height : 168cm (about 5'5")
Weight : 44kg (about 96lbs)
Blood type : A
Religion : Buddhist
Character : Active and deep-thoughted
Career Goal : Appear in commercials (Gana chocolate, Ilyang Drug, Ggomo Drink...)
Motivation to be in Baby VOX : Persuasion by neighbor
Dream in childhood: To just live simply
Favorite Singer : Gunmo Kim, Jeonghyun Park
Most precious thing : Her voice
Method to get rid of stress: Always eat
Sleep habit : Sleep curled up
Ideal type of man : Natural style man
If she wasn't a singer she'd be : An ordinary student

Heejin had been assigned the 'sophisticated' role in the group, although she sees herself as more mild and femine. Heejin was the sweetest one in the group. Many people tend to judge her through her looks and assume her to hold a cold image, but that's 101% miconception. She has a rather wild side. And once Heejin goes into the bathroom, it takes her at least an hour to get out. She is very very organized. She's the type to start with organizing and end with cleaning.
In March of 2006, Baby VOX broke up. Heejin has decided to take up acting. She will make her acting debut soon with a cable tv drama.

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