Kim Loan - Sexy Vietnamese Top Model

Ethnicity: Vietnamese / Chinese
Location: New York, NY
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 117 lbs
Stats: 34C 26 34

“There are a lot of beautiful people out there, what’s going to separate you from the rest is your personality." –Kim Loan

I am a city girl who grew up in a small and conventional town, in Louisiana. Having been raised by a conservative family who valued traditions, life seemed to be fairly simple. I learned early on to work towards a daily routine and to set high expectations. My experience from younger years showed me that I could achieve my dreams as long as I worked hard enough and believed in myself. Eventually the time came when I had to sacrifice my haven, the place I called home for many years; I had yet to learn about the hardships of life. So, I left my hometown in an attempt to search for bigger and better opportunities.

I found myself greatly involved in the Entertainment field and I absolutely loved it! It all started when I instituted my promotional business, Empire Society, in New Orleans and we now produced events worldwide. I then moved to Houston, Texas and obtained my commercial real estate license. I was motivated to continue to living out my dreams. My love for the industry brought about the birth of Prestigious Models where we are now situated in New York City. Prestigious Models helped me discover myself in many different ways. It has also opened doors that I never would have imagined. Yet, the more I became involved; I realized modeling can truly help you identify your career goals. I have come to find that modeling is a great way to bring people together from all different types of backgrounds. I am extremely fortunate that it has taken off and astonished by its success.

I am so grateful for the continuous love and support of my family, friends, and my fans. Without you guys, I would have not made it to where I am today. I truly believe the support from your family and love one is the key to success. You have given me a chance to live out my dream. In return, I intend to inspire others to dream and never give up. Always believe in yourself! With faith and perseverance, anything can be accomplished. You never know what difference you can make or the impact you leave on others until you try. I share the joy and success from seeing a Prestigious Model fulfilling their potential and accomplishments.

“Don’t be afraid to fail, because God would not give you anything you cannot handle”

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