Kim Eiji Baby V.O.X.

Full Name : Kim EZ (Kim Eiji)
Birthday :February 3, 1980
School Career : Keyonghee Univ. Dance Department
Family : Lastborn; parents, older brother
Hobby : Accessory Design, Gather perfume
Instrument : Drums
Speciality : Korean Dance
Nickname : "OhEeJi"(it's a cucumber salad,but it's because of her name)
Address : Inchon
Height : 172cm (about 5'6")
Weight : 51kg (about 112lbs)
Blood Type : AB
What she likes most about herself : Her eyes
Color : Red
Religion : Christian
Character : Active, tough but sometimes introspective
Ideal Career: Cable TV VJ, Model in clothes catalog
Motivation to be in Baby VOX : When she saw "It will be late tomorrow"
Dream in childhood : Dancer
Favorite Singer : Gunmo Kim, Sola Lee
Favorite foods : Beef dishes, ice cream, pasta dishes
Most precious thing : Her diary
Method to get rid of stress : Have time to herself
Ideal type of man : Pretty style, a cute guy
If she wasn't a singer, she'd be : A make-up artist

When her group, Baby VOX broke up, she decided to pursue an acting career. She is currently training to be an actress.

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