Isoyama Sayaka - # 4 -Top 10 Japanese Idols

Sayaka Isoyama (磯山 さやか, Isoyama Sayaka) is a famous Japanese actress and singer.


* Name: Isoyama Sayaka (磯山さやか)
* Nickname: Isocchi (いそっち)
* Birthdate: October 23th, 1983
* Birthplace: Ibaraki Hokota
* Blood type: A
* Height: 155cm
* Bust: 91cm (F cup)
* Waist: 60cm
* Hips: 87cm
* Shoe size: 24cm
* Hobbies: Karaoke, watching high school baseball games, learning about idols
* Abilities: Baton, trumpet, rollerblading, sign language, spinning plates
* Favorite celebrities: Matsuda Seiko, Fujiwara Norika
* Favorite TV show: Gakkou e Ikou
* Favorite movie: Shakespeare in Love
* Favorite authors: Aida Mitsuwo, Fujiwara Norika (Fujiwara Shugi)
* Favorite food: Anything with vinegar
* Talent Agency: HORI AGENCY


* Sayaka is an avid fan of baseball. When she was in high school she was the manager of the baseball team and even back then was highly informed about the sport.
* She has scored in the third level of the Society for Testing English Proficiency.
* Appeared in the Tokusatsu series Chouseishin Gransazer as Saotome Ran / Sazer Visuel.

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