Humaira - Sexy Indian Top Model


Ethnicity: East Indian
Location: New York, NY
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 105 lbs
Stats: 34 24 34

My name is Humaira, I graduated college... got my BA in English and Secondary Ed... I still feel like a kid, but now I have to force myself to be an adult and pay bills...

I used to Model, but I left that behind me because plainly I don't like the industry and I hate doing it.. So I stopped.

Aside from that, I am weird, eccentric, sometimes lathargic and hungry most of the time. I love to watch movies, eat food, drink casually; reading and writing clears my head and are my favorite pass times. I am vain, stand offish, bitchy (sometimes), aggressive, caring, vulnerable (at times), and I would die for the ones I love.

I am engaged to a great man named Sean, and my brother and sister are my life.

I am a walking paradox, and I love to have great conversations.

I don't like many people, nor do I care to get to know many of the people that come my way.

I hate people that are lackadaisical and have no initiative in life, and I also hate people who do not appreciate what they have and complain about everything. I hate liars and people that make up stories about themselves to receive pity or to make themselves seem interesting.

I like cats, I don't like babies, I love to bake cakes, I have an addiction to lip gloss and comic book memoribilias. I love my friends and family, I like being out in the sun (if only i didn't tan at a ridiculous rate), sushi is number 1! and I am an aspiring author.. I think that's it.. For now at least. :)

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