Hiroko Sato-Japanese gravure idol, actress and singer

Hiroko Sato is a Japanese gravure idol, actress and singer.


* Name: Sato Hiroko (佐藤寛子)
* Birthdate: February 17th, 1985
* Birthplace: Kanagawa
* Blood type: O
* Height: 160cm
* Bust: 85cm
* Waist: 55cm
* Hips: 85cm
* Shoe size: 23.5cm


Hiroko made her acting debut in 2002 with the movie Scare. She began to model in various gravure publications soon after, including Up to Boy and Sabra. Fans liked her for her Japanese features, for they seemed pure. As an actress, Hiroko works mainly in horror films.

Her first single was released in 2005, and she participated in a compilation single with Isoyama Sayaka and Hoshino Aki. Hiroko has not released any music since.

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