Gybzy Wanida TermthanapornOf Girly Berry Sexy In Volume Magazine

Name: Wanida Temthanaporn (วนิดา เติมธนาภรณ์)
Nickname: Giftzy ( กิ๊ฟซี่)
Birthdate: 10 September 1983
Career: Singer , Actress & Model

Gybzy in another photo shoot that really does wonders for her. She looks great in that little bikini on that powder white sand beach. She gets a lot more attention than the other girls in the Thai girl band Girly Berry.

And maybe she deserves it. It isn't like any of them have any real singing or dancing talent. It's all the grinding moves and little scandals they try to create that gets them noticed. Plus the photo shoots like this one, which deserves notice.

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